Your next act

“I’m too old to start over.”

Hearing these words from a client facing layoff or retirement, I always hear a golden opportunity for deep and lasting change.

Picking apart a person’s belief system about age and what constitutes “old” can be a challenge, but the results are nearly always powerfully liberating.

What do you consider “too late”? Is it 40? 50? Retirement age?

Or do you believe we grow and change from the moment we’re born to our last breath, and that most of us — at virtually every age — have much to contribute?

These days, workers the world over between the ages of 48 and 70 can be found beginning new careers that not only generate income but also create a meaningful impact in the world. There’s a name for this — “encore careers.”

When I began training as a career coach, one of the books that most inspired me was Marci Alboher’s The Encore Career Handbook: How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life. Alboher believes there are career paths that open up only after midlife, paths most of us aren’t ready to pursue until we reach a certain age and place in our lives.

And great joy waits for those of us who discover that the reward for reaching that certain age is a depth of purpose and meaning in our work that far surpasses what most of us got to experience during our early career years.

If you’re struggling with the fear that your best years are behind you, I encourage you to check out or read Marci Alboher’s excellent book.

Then start planning your next act!


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