I am so grateful for Sasha’s calm, perceptive guidance. I had invested a great deal personally and financially into my professional work. Why was I not content? Why would I want to change careers? What will other people think? What else could I possibly do? Sasha’s gentle, empathetic approach helped me to wade through all the “noise” that was influencing my decisions and my ability to move forward.  She empowered me to positively embrace my career transition. I’m now proudly embarking on a path that fits with my current passions and life circumstances – and I have not been this excited about the future in a long time!


As someone whose career is just taking shape, I was skeptical of career coaching at first. But Sasha is everything you could ever hope for in a coach: insightful, thorough, empathetic and professional. Our sessions have given me the opportunity to reflect on my cognitive distortions when it comes to my self-understanding and effective tools to work through them. She has helped me articulate my values and empowered me to envision what a meaningful career would look like for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling directionless.


came to Sasha after having a handful of failed interviews and knew I wasn’t handling them well. She coached me in a very short time to be prepared for whatever came my way. She helped me have prepared answers to common interview questions as well as how to incorporate my library of information to potentially unexpected questions. Every question I threw out that may be of concern, Sasha helped me figure out how to handle it. I was confident and prepared after my sessions with her. And, was subsequently offered the job! I would highly recommend Sasha to anyone who needs some guidance in making changes in their career


I am so happy that I met and worked with Sasha, she was understanding and a huge help as I go through a big transition in life. I found her to be an excellent listener, guide and coach. I feel much more at ease and confident in my career choices after having worked with her. She understood when to push me when I needed it and made the experience fun, friendly and interesting.



Sasha helps me see possibilities. With her gentle, insightful coaching, and kind, empathetic support, I finally understand that I have what I need to pursue work that is life-giving and rewarding.  Sasha helped me go from feeling burned out and broken, to being excited to pursue work I love.



I was bouncing in half a dozen directions when I turned to Sasha for career coaching. She untangled my thoughts with meaningful questions, and then she quickly zeroed in on what was holding back my progress. She’s calm and kind, but very practical. In just a few meetings she’s helped me focus on what I really want, make a plan and take action. She’s a pro, with the approach of a really perceptive friend.



Not only did Sasha help me re-evaluate my current career trajectory, she gave me the confidence to explore exciting new possibilities. She’s patient, understanding yet challenging … I discovered things about myself I didn’t expect!



Sasha is fantastic. She’s insightful and professional, and you can feel she’s genuinely passionate about what she does. She’s helped me discover skills I never realized I had, and she’s coached me towards finding work that is both meaningful and authentic to me.